Artist Bio

Kristine Dupuy, also known as Gemini Pearl, is a mixed media artist, specializing in acrylic painting, illustration & silk screen printing. She employs bold colors, psychedelic symbolism & metaphysical meaning in her work. Kristine draws her inspiration from Nature, the Universe, & also from the stories, fairy tales & fables from her youth. Her passion for music & it’s ability to give strength, purpose & inspiration is also a strong factor in her creative process & shows in many of the creations she has made to honor the musicians that create the wonderful art that is music.

Gemini Pearl is a Louisiana native & has been an artist for over 25 years. As a young adult, she put her talents to work as a graphic designer & silk screen printer. She designed artwork for t-shirts & other apparel, as well as for signs & advertising. After 23 years in this career she made a life changing decision to leave & become an independent artist. This has allowed her creativity to flourish & now she creates artwork that fills her heart with joy & passion. Her hope is that the joy, passion, love & inspiration that she puts into her art finds its way into the hearts of others.