About the Artist

 My name is Kristine Dupuy, also known as Gemini Pearl, and I am a mixed media artist, specializing in acrylic painting, illustration & silk screen printing. I employ bold colors, psychedelic symbolism & metaphysical meaning in my work. I draw my inspiration from Nature, the Universe, & also from the stories, fairy tales & fables from my youth. I have a deep passion for music & it’s ability to give strength, purpose & inspiration, and at times it can be a strong factor in my creative process. Nature and it’s elements are possibly the strongest influences in my work, as infinite inspiration and beauty can be found in every aspect of Nature and the Universe.

 I am a Louisiana native & have been an artist for 30 years. As a young adult, I put my talents to work as a graphic designer & silk screen printer. Over the years, I have designed artwork for t-shirts & other apparel, as well as for signs & advertising. After 23 years in this career I made a life changing decision to leave & become an independent artist. This has allowed my creativity to flourish & now I create artwork that fills my heart with joy & passion. My hope is that the joy, passion, love & inspiration that I put into my art finds its way into the hearts of others.