In 1990, I started out in a new career as a graphic designer in a fairly large silk screen shop in my hometown. In the early 90’s, computer technology was still very new in the art world & it was about to make a major breakthrough with the introduction of digital software that would allow artists and designers in the silk screen industry to create art using computers instead of pencil, pen and paper. I entered the art field right in the middle of this shift and as a result I spent a couple of my early years as a designer learning how to create and prepare art with what is now considered “old school methods” using good old fashioned pen and paper along with other graphic design supplies that have since become obsolete. While I grew to love this new technology, and worked with it for the next 23+ years, my love for traditional methods creating illustration with pencil, pen and ink only grew stronger. I have been illustrating and creating with these methods for many years and love it to this day.

Feel free to browse the categories in this section to enjoy some of my original illustrations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.